Contemporary dance/ Modern Dance


Using elements from different dance techniques (Humphrey/Limon, Cunningham, Post Modern, Release Technique and New Dance) we will prepare the body for conscious, exact and expressive movements. Special emphasis will be set upon the relation between space and music as well as carrying out powerful movements with little constriction of the muscles. At the end of the class, we study a choreography.

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Freies Musikzentrum: Thursdays 18.30 to 20.00-Beginners.

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Modern Dance Choreography

A workshop of dancing ideas. We learn how to develop our own choreographies and arrange ingenious sets of movements. Modern Dance and given improvisations on inspiring subjects form the basis. At the end, the composition together with selected pieces of music will be shown to the invited guests in the studio.

Dance Experience required

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Movement Improvisations and Composition


Once you have a lead about working with improvisation you can find new and unconventional movements which have an expressive and dramatic effect. During the lessons, individual forms of expression will be acquired through an open setting of tasks. New “sources of movement” will be experienced and at the same time a precise perception of movement quality will be developed

Finally, we see which are the effects these movements present when they are arranged in each personal composition.

Subjects, among others: To playfully be active and passive. To obtain a perception of the space. Design in space. Form. Size/Volume. Impulses. Radius and Diameter. Dynamism. Subjects and its variations. Duets, trios, group work.


In-spiral dance

Tango Argentino

In Tango Argentino the atmosphere of the couple dance emerges from the male and female role play.

A good posture embracing each other with a vivid feeling in the breast and the music are the basis for the typical steps, figures, ornaments and accents in Argentine dance..

Private lessons on request.

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Fit for Tango

Tango does not only mean dancing figures. We need much more:

A very good posture, a sensitive agility and a stabile axis for standing and walking: generally a great body awareness so that every step is taken in harmony with the partner, the music and the floor.

In lessons with exercises from Taji Qigong and Body Placement you will learn to move better, to stand, walk and turn in a natural and relaxed way.

This workshop is suitable for beginners as well as advanced dancers, men and women who would like to improve on their body awareness and posture by (not only) dancing.

Private lessons on request.


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