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Balance and Wellness


Qigong is an ancient Chinese system of exercises to reduce stress, prevent diseases, and acquire a welfare state.


Qigong is composed of smooth and slow exercises which help us


- improve our posture

By smoothly and slowly exercising Qigong, always in harmony with breathing, our body regains its original harmonic posture. Our spine learns to easily keep straight, and bones and joints harmonically work together.


- stimulate the energy peculiar to our body and let it circulate harmonically

We thus give a chance to our body to regain its own vital rhythm in order to achieve new energy. Our body is in harmony, movements feel easy.


- stay agile and healthy.

Qigong has also its effects on organs and bones; they are supported in their natural function. Our immune system needs harmony in order to function properly. By regularly exercising Qigong you may relax and regain strength, regenerate.


Our mind feels comfortable in our body.


Qigong may be exercised at any age.


In my lessons, I put strong emphasis on paying individual attention to each student. Due to my long-time experience with body exercises I am capable of finding out which exercise suits best to each student and may guide each of them to a better body awareness in harmony with him- or herself. Exercising Qigong means to take time for oneself.

Current Classes and Workshops:



Tanzprojekt: Mondays 18.00 to19.00.

Info and registration: Blütenstr. 15 – Tel: 089- 661020


TSV- München Nord-Ost: Tuesdays19. 00 bis 20.00 Uhr

Info and Registration: Tel: 933866 

                     Foto: Daniel Mauch

Foto: Daniel Mauch

Seminar Service

Reduction of stress with Qigong

After strenuous conferences, meetings and endless „sittings“ you will need relaxation to regain energy.

Body and soul demand for regeneration.

The slow and flowing movements and exercises originating from the 4000 year-old Chinese art of movement Qigong are relaxing, dissolve energy blockades and clear your mind.

Recent seminar: at Allianz Deutschland AG

Contemporary Dance and Qigong

The flowing exercises appearing to be slow-motion of the 4000 year-old Chinese art of movement intensify body perception, dissolve energy blockades and strengthen posture. Following this preparation, you will make „first steps“ of contemporary dance techniques (e.g. Humpfrey/Limón, Cunningham, Release Technique) – a thorough warm-up, simple sequences of movements across the floor and finally a short piece of choreography .

Current Classes and Workshops:

Tai Chi Fan (Form from Ana Wu)

Current Classes and Workshops:

Freies Musikzentrum: Tuesdays 20.30 -21.45