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Tango Argentino - Beginners I (Niveau I)


Workshop: Sat. 1. and Sun. 2. May 2021.

14.30 to 17.30


Freies Musikzentrum

! Tango Argentino  Practica

(once a Month)

Practica in April

Fr. 16.04. from 19.30 to 21.45 Uhr

Freies Musikzentrum

Max Weberpl. 2 Rgb.

(6€ - ohne Anmeldung)

Save the Date: next Practica  Fr. 14.05.


Workshop: Sat. 7. and Sun. 8. December


 Tai Chi Fan  (Form from Ana Wu)

Part 1

8 x  Tuesdays  from 8.10.2020

20.30 to 21.45 Hs

Part 2

8 x  Tuesdays  from 7.1.2020

20.30 to 21.45 Hs

Freies Musikzentrum

Foto: Daniel Mauch

Experimenta 2017

Experimenta 2019


In-spiral dance en composition

In my longtime studies about the body in motion I have connected the concepts of stability and "economy" of effort that is practiced in qigong, plus the concepts of "spiral dynamics". We search connectivity in the body and from the body to the space ..  Through improvisations we obtain ideas and "material of movement“, the organization of both may result in small or large compositions, either on your own or in a group. This course is aimed at anyone interested in a creative process using the body: professional and amateur dancers, movement teachers, actors, musicians, etc. And the results may be presented in a spot show.